LED light bulbs for your home

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) came to be by GE researchers within the 1960s and therefore are greatly not the same as traditional light sources. At GE, there's an outstanding history in creating and building top rated commercial LED lighting solutions. The world-class engineers combine the very best available components with innovative optical, electrical and thermal designs to produce LED commercial lamps and lighting systems which are enhanced for superior performance. We're superbly placed to carry on being an industry-leading innovator for many years.

LED Replacement Lamps

LED Replacement Lamps bring energy savings to a number of lighting programs. Our number of product choices empower you to definitely save through decreased energy and maintenance costs, coupled with utility rebates, to provide results that frequently exceed your anticipations.

Indoor LED Lighting Fixtures

Indoor LED lighting fixtures redefine the art of illumination with the styling, efficiency & performance you desire. More than innovation, GE Lumination™ LED Luminaires are the dawn of a new lighting era. Learn more about Indoor LED Lighting for Retail & Grocery, Hospitality and Office applications.

LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

Immerse items in vibrant, uniform light with GE LED Refrigerated Display Lighting.These GE LED systems improve the feel of merchandise,reduce maintenance & operating costs minimizing energy usage.Find out more about LED Refrigerated Display Lighting for grocery and convenient stores.