City of Hamilton

Roadway Lighting

Hamilton undergoes a citywide conversion to LED street lighting with annual energy savings of $700,000.

Our Customer

Home to a variety of athletic and non-athletic events, the University of Sciences' gymnasiums are almost always in use—even when school is out of session. When the old light fixtures burned out, relamping was a time-consuming, expensive process, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to coordinate facility shutdowns for this.

Our Solution

A variety of GE fixtures will be used across the city. All of the street lights were designed to meet requirements related to local sidewalk and road conditions, pole spacing and heights, and road classification.

Not only is the city installing new light fixtures, Hamilton will also begin a trial of GE's LightGrid™ wireless outdoor lighting control system. The city staff is eager to experience the benefits of LightGrid, specifically energy metering, GPS inventory and overall controllability and dimming. The trial, which began in the summer of 2015, will run at least six months with the goal of expanding beyond the initial units.

Results & Benefits

The improved quality of lighting has earned positive feedback from officials and citizens alike.

“Citizens and council members have said the quality of lighting on the roads and sidewalks has drastically improved,” said Mike Field, Project Manager, Street Lighting & Electrical at City Of Hamilton.

Officials plan for the city's overall conversion to LED street lighting to be in 2015. The conversion is expected to save the city up to $700,000 in annual energy costs while delivering savings of more than 6.9 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per year, which is enough to power 720 homes each using 800 kWh per month.

GE's Evolve™ LED street lights reduce maintenance costs and help improve safety for the city

The installation of Evolve™ LED street lights will deliver savings of more than 6.9 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per year.